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What My Clients Are Saying

House Cleaning Shelter Island

We have been working with Charlotte for almost 20 years! She is smart, dependable, meticulous and very easy to communicate with, as she is always available via text.  We take great pride in our home and Charlotte has helped us maintain it in near perfect condition for all these years.  She is careful, organized and delights in creating special touches. She goes above and beyond in all that she does. She even professionally buffs our wood floors and steam cleans our rugs and wall to wall carpeting.  She is a first class person and it is our pleasure to give her our highest recommendation.

Harry Elson

Client for over 20 years!!

Charlotte is always reliable, incredibly thorough, and takes care of our home as if it were her own. What we most appreciate: The way she deals with the pet hair; the total elimination of spiders and their webs; and the way she folds clothes has to be seen to be believed!

Betsy & Art

Client for 5+ years

Charlotte is simply the best. She is tireless and does not miss a single inch of your house, floors, walls, ceilings, furniture, bathrooms, etc.. Completely reliable, I have referred her to other clients many times and they have always been extremely pleased.


Client for 20+ Years

Charlotte has been working with my family for well over two decades. Her outstanding work, audacious energy and steadfast honesty always astound, amaze and impress me. Charlotte truly makes my life easier and my home significantly more beautiful. When I come home, I see perfectly folded towels, beautifully fluffed and styled pillows and not a spec of dust or dirt anywhere.


Client for 20 years

Charlotte is an excellent housekeeper: efficient, thorough, and willing to tackle any kind of challenge. She is also flexible. Whether we are alone or have a houseful of family, we always return to find the house tidy, the beds made, and the laundry folded. I recommend her to everyone.


Client for 6+ years

To write about Charlotte is like describing a tornado in speed and thoroughness of results–excellent results. Charlotte kept my home spotlessly clean and organized and as well as being sexton-housekeeper at St. Mary’s Church when I was their priest.

I was and still am amazed at her professionalism, thoroughness and efficiency. I have never known a person with such zeal in her work whether it’s cleaning, managing, organizing, — you name it and Charlotte not only can do it; she does it better than you can imagine and faster than you think possible.

Charlotte is an amazing person, creative, intelligent, kind, honest and up-beat. Back to the wall- If I had to choose a colleague or co-worker who is dependable, trustworthy and able to do whatever comes her way. I would choose Charlotte.

The Rev. Dr Steve Crowson

Client for 8 Years

Charlotte has worked with our family for over 12 years and she is great! Not only does she do a phenomenal job cleaning our house but she takes initiative when she sees things that need to be done. She is smart, observant and when she notices a problem she gets in touch with us promptly. Several times over the years she has noticed either the heat was off or there was a mechanical problem in the house which if it had gone unaddressed would have caused major damage.  Bottom line is I would strongly recommend Charlotte if one is looking for a reliable and smart person to do housework.


Client for 16 years

Charlotte is the ONLY choice for cleaning on Shelter Island. But please remember we got her first.


Client for 4 years

House Cleaning Shelter Island

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